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Saturday, October 06, 2007  

Livin' large in Tiger Land

Let's see...first night, Shangri-La rooftop lounge for cocktails and fancy snacks with a very, very high-up view of the river, boats, barges and the amazing Shanghai skyline. Then into luxury vans for about 20 minutes to a luxe restaurant private room. Chinese banquet for about 50 of Tiger's family, co-workers, friends, doctors...and us. Plus several tots each with her own private nanny, no doubling up on the nannies around here.

 Endless wine, endless courses, endless...excellence. Then back to the splendor of our hotel suites for a bit of sleep. Breakfast buffet, about a mile long of every imaginable delight. Bagels, smoked salmon and cream cheese, omelets, varieties of dumplings and dim sum, Chinese delicacies of every stripe, noodle soups made to order, even fresh Virginia ham with French's yellow mustard...cakes, doughnuts, chocolates, you name it.

 The excursion for today is shopping. Back in the vans.

 Just when we think it cant get any more decadent and extravagant, Bobby slips us a rather substantial wad of cash, from you know who. Well, this a shopping day and we should be prepared for any emergency.

 First stop is a "knock-off" mall. Three floors of every name brand watch, purse, shoes, shirts, jeans, suit-case whatever, all pseudo, ersatz, phony-baloney. Pushy, pushy Chinese vendor ladies grabbing, poking, pulling, pleading: You look my bags! You want buy wallet? Watch? Come see my watches...I got lotta watches...Lolex, Lolex, lotta Lolex...Plada, Plada, it real leather."

 Lulu bought 2 designer watches for $13 each and a pair of fashion reading glasses for $2. David scored a Bulgari watch for $26. Joan, not to be outdone, got one of her own.  

Gucci, Gucci, Goo

Back in the vans for lunch.  A glorious Shanghai dumpling house with endless courses of sensational local specialties and endless local beer. 

 It is truly endless...

 Back in the vans...


PS Am still looking for the Aston Martin showroom…meanwhile I did try on some “Tommy Hilfigers…” 



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