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A number of you—a combination of print-deprived liveaboards and landlubbing cheapskates—apparently want to read my Blue Water Sailing Magazine columns. I can only assume you’re making the assumption you might actually finish articles by me limited to no more than 1,000 words.

Nonetheless, I’ve taken your written requests seriously. I’ve gotten permission to send the Sailing on Your Stomach articles individually, as published in Blue Water Sailing, to our Aboard Lulu mailing list directly and to post them to the website.

Currently these pieces will dribble out into print at the rate of one every two months—unless there’s a groundswell (or sea-surge) of approval in the form of Letters to the Editor. No, I’m not suggesting you, my loyal readers, commit such morally reprehensible—and easily detectable—dishonesties, but with some such unsolicited luck, eventually they’ll appear monthly.

Which would be quite excellent, since I’ve been writing them at the rate of about three per month. And “researching” at the rate of 10 a month, which a cursory glance at my lower torso would confirm.

This introductory piece was printed as an endpaper, in their Blue Horizons column. It did not address food per se, but rather their question “What is your favorite anchorage?”

My answer—predictable to some—was plural.

Reprinted with permission from Blue Water Sailing Magazine

Equus (December 2010)
San Andres Hymnal (October 2010)
Kuna Yala (May 2010)
Boss With The Sauce (March 2010) 201012-Equus.pdf
Fried Oyster (December 2009)
Annapolis Eats (October 2009)
Martineeky (August 2009)
Paying Homage In Venezuela (June 2009)
A Real Hunk Of French Meat (April 2009)
Welcome Improvement (February 2009)
The Show Must Go On (December 2008)
Monkey Business (November 2008)
Casamarina Francisquis (September 2008)
Skinny Legs(July 2008)
Grand Case(May 2008)
Vie's Snack (March 2008)
L'Epi Soleil (January 2008)
Heidi's Honeymoon Beach (September 2007)
Tommy Cantina (April 2007)
Paradise Exponentially (March 2007)
Grace Before Meals (June 2007)
Hurricane Chavez (September 2007)

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